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          • ABOUT US

            Zhejiang TUNA Environmental Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Name “TUNA Corporation”, stock code 603177) was established in 2005, and is deeply involved in the technology development and engineering application of the environmental protection industry.

          • PRODUCTS

            EPC environmental engineering desulfurization product denitrification product dust removal equipment waste water reduction and recovery technology flue gas heat transfer product non-electric field flue gas treatment solid waste treatment technology

          • REFERENCE

            It is a large-scale energy conservation and environmental protection comprehensive enterprise with several business sectors, such as flue gas treatment, waste water treatment, solid waste treatment, etc., and it is a domestic first-class overall solution provider for the environmental protection industry chain, and its product technology has reached the international advanced level.

          • PRAISE

            The service project covers 28 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and has undertaken dozens of projects in the United States, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries and regions, becoming a high-profile Chinese force in the field of international environmental protection.



          people oriented, virtues first, to create a beautiful living environment Tuna believes that where there is virtue, there’s a way and persists that all the staff must have strong work ethic, be loyal to the company and identify themselves with the values of the firm. Tuna is in pursuit of further development, on the way of which it will grow with everyone of its staff member in creating a beautiful living environment.


                Sanjiang Road,Shaoxing,China
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